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Boulevard Beltrones
Plaza Arrecifes Suite 6,
San Carlos, Sonora 85506

480-626-1064  (US)
622-226-1221 (Mexico)
622-140-0960 (Mexico Nextel)
62*13*44977 (MX Nextel Radio)



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Welcome to the office of San Carlos Rentals and Property Management  We're conveniently located on Boulevard Beltrones in the heart of San Carlos.

For your convenience, our office is open 6 days a week, from 9AM to 6PM, Monday-Saturday.
Stop by our office, call us or email us for information about San Carlos or any of our featured
rental properties.



Anny Cordero
TELCEL 044 622 228 0012
NEXTEL 622 197 0669


Anny Cordero

Anny is originally from Guaymas and has been involved in the many aspects of touristic development in San Carlos for the last 25 years. She has been with Century 21 Marina since 1997. Prior to that Anny worked as a certified accountant for one of the major developers in the Guaymas-San Carlos area.  She is a co-owner of San Carlos Rentals and Property Management

She has been involved in the sales of many major developments such as Solimar condominiums, Costa del Mar, Marina Real, Puesta del Sol and most recently, Vista Marina. She also has extensive knowledge of the rental market in San Carlos.

Anny is known as the person that can answer almost any question there is about renting property and living in Mexico ranging from utilities issues to tourist permits and visas. She is always willing to go the extra mile for her clients, which is witnessed by her large amount of referrals. Anny also offers real estate services and provides legal referrals for her clients as well as those of the rest of the San Carlos Rentals and Property Management team.