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Boulevard Beltrones
Plaza Arrecifes Suite 6,
San Carlos, Sonora 85506

480-626-1064  (US)
622-226-1221 (Mexico)
622-140-0960 (Mexico Nextel)
62*13*44977 (MX Nextel Radio)


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Amenities in San Carlos, Sonora, Mexico

A full range of services is available in town or within 5-10 minutes of the San Carlos area. In neighboring Guaymas (population 220,000) you will find shopping malls, 24-hour grocery stores and such “gringo” trappings as Pizza Hut, McDonalds, Dominos and Blockbuster Video. There you'll also find a private school for grades K-8 where classes are taught in English. In the event of a serious medical situation, an hour north in Hermosillo there is a very good hospital, which is co-owned and operated by the University of Arizona Medical School. If you want to stock up on your favorite merchandise, you'll find a Sam's Club, Costco and Wal-Mart in Hermosillo as well. Finally, if there is something that you can’t find locally you are only a 5-hour drive from the Tucson, Arizona.

San Carlos – Fast Facts

Population Est. – 6,000    Nearby Guaymas -220,000

n  Commercial Airports – Guaymas ( 15 minutes away) Hermosillo ( 1 hour away)

n  Private Airports – 1 in San Carlos

n  Churches – 2 -  Catholic and Non Denominational

n  Restaurants-Bars-Taco stands - Too many to count

n  Froggy’s Bar and Grill – The only one that counts!

n  5 Star Dining establishments – None that come to mind

n  English Speaking Schools- 1 in Guaymas grades K-12

n  Main Streets -1

n  Grocery Stores – 4

n  Gift Shops-15

n  Full Service Marinas – 2

n  RV Parks -3

n  Stop Lights - None

n  Fishing Charters-10     

n  Dive Shops- 5

n  Gentlemen‘s  Clubs-1

n  Marriage Counselors- 1 (see above)

n  Gas Stations- 2

n  Newspapers- 1

n  Television Reception – Satellite -  Dish or Direct TV

n  Local Musicians- Mark Mulligan..better than Buffett!

n  Real Estate Agencies- Too many to count

n  Century 21 Marina- The only one that counts!

n  Fire Department- Local Station in San Carlos

n  Police- Local Station in San Carlos ..Great cops!

n  Medical- Dr. Canale’s office and Rescate in San Carlos. CIMA hospital in Hermosillo rated one of Top 10 Private Hospitals in Mexico

n  Hotels – 7

n  Bowling Alleys-1

n  Gyms- 2

n  Chiropractors ( see above) – 2

n  Beauty Salons – 3

n  Tourists- Occasional Sightings

n  Insurance Agencies- 2

n  Current Utility Grid- Capacity for 35,000 Residents

n  Water Source- 4 Natural Wells – Treatment Facility in San Carlos

n  Phone Company- Telmex land lines and DSL internet- TelCel cell service

n  Sam’s Club, Costco, Walmart and Home Depot 1 hr. north in Hermosillo