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Boulevard Beltrones
Plaza Arrecifes Suite 6,
San Carlos, Sonora 85506

480-626-1064  (US)
622-226-1221 (Mexico)
622-140-0960 (Mexico Nextel)
62*13*44977 (MX Nextel Radio)


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Bahia Delfin Condos

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Condos Bahia Delfin

Condos Bahia Delfin is a new project, opened in summer 2007, with lovely units on spectacular San Francisco Beach.  Walk the beach in the morning and watch the dolphins pass by from their nursery area at the nearby Estuary of Soldiers.  Enjoy a swim in the ocean or the pool.  Watch the sunset over the Tetakawi in the evening.

Condo living in San Carlos

167 Bahia Delfin-3 bedroom beachfront condo for rent with Million-dollar unobstructed views of the Sea of Cortez -sleeps 8

263 Bahia Delfin-4 bedroom beach condo for rent with soothing ocean sounds and breathtaking views -sleeps 8