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Boulevard Beltrones
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San Carlos, Sonora 85506

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Guaymas, Sonora, mexico

Just 20 km from San Carlos is the vibrant city of Guaymas.  Steeped in colorful history, Guaymas today is a major seaport, industrial  and business center.  It is home to a number of industrial firms formed under NAFTA, called maquiladoras, which create products for export. 

Guaymas harbor

The harbor area in Guaymas is undergoing an enormous transformation.  A new yacht marina has recently been opened and in October 2008, Guaymas will become a port of call for two different cruise ship lines, with daily tours of the area for cruise passengers.

Shopping and More

Guaymas is the shopping center for the entire area with major stores such as Ley and Soriana supermarkets, in addition to the smaller colorful neighborhood markets.  Guaymas hosts a number of festivals and cultural events throughout the year that bring visitors from throughout northern Mexico and abroad.

Guaymas Living

Living in Guaymas is an immersion in Mexican culture.  There are waterfront and hillside neighborhoods that are popular with Mexican citizens, as well as residents who have come from abroad.  We have some wonderful rentals in Guaymas so please take a moment and browse through these.

2 Bedroom, 2 Bath Home near Miramar.  Furnished and long term only

2 Bedroom, 1 bath house in the popular Villas de Miramar area in Guaymas. This house is perfect for a single family. It rents unfurnished and long term only. More...