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Boulevard Beltrones
Plaza Arrecifes Suite 6,
San Carlos, Sonora 85506

480-626-1064  (US)
622-226-1221 (Mexico)
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Puesta del Sol/Costa del Mar | Marina Real Area | Bahia | Caracols | Golf Course | Villa Hermosa/Creston | Bahia Delfin | Ranchitos | Commercial | Guaymas
San Carlos, Sonora, Mexico

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Featured Listings in San Carlos Mexico

At San Carlos Rentals & Property Management we can help you find the perfect home in San Carlos. Whether you are looking for a smaller casita or condo for vacation getaways, or for your beachfront “dream home” we can help you find what you are looking for. Our knowledgeable staff can answer all of your questions concerning rentals and management of your San Carlos home.


Newcomers to San Carlos are sometimes confused over the various sectors of the community. We've provided some brief guides and maps to assist you in locating the sectors and neighborhoods.  Click on the links above or in the titles below to see our listings in the various sectors.

Playa Blanca-Algodones Beach

Pamper yourself and stay at Playa Blanca. Located on the Algodones beach this is the first luxury resort in San Carlos. Amenities include aqua bar, heated pools, Jacuzzis  tennis court, and grill areas. Fitness center, private Happy Hour Bar and conference room to be opened soon!

Puesta del Sol & Costa del Mar

These two beach front communities are separated by the Paradiso Resort property.  In the photo, Puesta del Sol is on the upper left and Costa del Mar is in the lower right.    We have featured properties in Costa del Mar in our listings.

Marina Real & Vista Marina

This area surrounds the manmade yacht anchorage at  Marina Real.  Marina Real features homes along the beach and the marina, as well as as areas to the north and east.  Vista Marina is a hillside development along the south side of the Marina Real entry channel and features fantastic views of Bahia Algodones, the marina and the mountains to the north.

The Bahia

The Bahia area is one of the first areas developed in San Carlos.  Homes and lots in the Bahia generally face south and east toward the channel entrance into the harbor in San Carlos Bay or toward the Marina San Carlos. 

Marina San Carlos and the Caracols

The area surrounding the Marina San Carlos is a combination of mature communities and some exciting new developments.  In the photo, the Caracol is on the lower left and the Caracol Turistico is on the right. 

Golf Course

The area includes the San Carlos Country Club, the Royal Golf community surrounding the back nine of the golf course, the Loma Bella community and Solimar Condos.

Villa Hermosa and Creston

This area includes the main business district along Boulevard Beltrones and Sectors Villa Hermosa and Creston which are along the waterfront.


To the north of Boulevard Beltrones, the main thoroughfare in San Carlos, lie the Ranchitos and Sexta Seccion communities. These communities are both of a desert setting, while retaining easy access to the Sea of Cortez, shopping, the marinas and other parts of the community.

Bahia Delfin

Bahia Delfin is a new condominium development on San Francisco Beach, near the Estuary of Soldiers.  We have resale units available in this complex.